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Triple C Cleaning Services is a professional upholstery cleaning service that specializes in deep-down cleaning. Our services can help you get rid of stains and dirt that has been hiding in the seams and seat cushions of your furniture for years. We also offer furniture cleaning services, so you can rest easy knowing that your sofa and loveseat are getting their much-needed TLC.

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Our Upholstery Cleaning Process

For those times when your upholstery just needs a little work. We’ll make sure it looks new again! Our trained staff is here to help you find the best service for your needs, whether it’s removing stains or just dusting off your sofa!


All upholstered surfaces are vacuumed with a wet & dry vacuum cleaner using a crevice tool and upholstery nozzle as appropriate. Working deep into creases, crevices, and folds, all loose dirt, dust, and fluff are removed.



All marks on the upholstery are tested with spot cleaner to see if spillages are spots or stains. Stains are pre-treated with a colloid stain removal agent to minimize the amount of moisture available for absorption by the filling. The cleaning agent is left for several minutes to work on loosening the stains prior to being absorbed with clean white cloths. The remaining Total Elim is vacuumed out to ensure complete stain removal. Room windows are opened to aid air movement, which speeds drying times.



A broad-based ionized cleaning solution is applied with a Tri-jet fogger. Fogging ensures that cleaning solutions are applied in the correct concentrations to the fabric surface without wetting the padding or stuffing in the upholstery. The tub chair and the sofa bed are fogged separately. 2-5 minutes is allowed for the cleaning action to occur.



An upholstery mitten is immersed for 2 minutes in an opposite polarity hot solution milked as dry as possible and then the fabric is wiped with a vigorous action to remove the dirt from the fibres. Magnetic attraction attracts the dirt onto the pad leaving the upholstery clean. Mitts are rinsed and the cleaning action repeated as necessary. A separate bucket of plain water is used when cleaning dirty or nicotined fabrics.



All upholstery is then vacuumed with the wet & dry vacuum cleaner, with as many passes as necessary to remove the moisture absorbed by the cover material and filling during cleaning. Appropriate fibers are groomed with the upholstery grooming tools.



A dual sanitizer and deodorizer are fogged for approx. 5 seconds across the cleaned upholstery to kill any residual bacteria that might breed in the damp upholstery. It also imparts a pleasant slow, release smell.


Restore The Freshness Of Your Upholstered Furniture

We’re Triple C Cleaning Services and we specialize in upholstery cleaning. We know how much hard work it is to keep your living space looking its best. Our upholstery cleaning techs will come to your home and clean every last inch of your furniture—and they’ll do it all with a smile! They’ll even replace any cushions or pillows that need to be replaced while they’re at it.


Upholstery Protectant

By acting as a barrier between your upholstery fabric and anything that can stain it, upholstery protectant helps stop further harm to your furniture. Upholstery protectant restores the fabric shield that was used when your furniture was first constructed.
Cleaning is a pleasure thanks to the upholstery protectant, which makes it more difficult for contaminants to stick to the upholstery fibers. Additionally, it alters the fabric’s surface tension, making sure that a stain on your furniture has time to dry before moving on. As a result, you have more time to wipe up the accident before it stains your furniture.

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Tile & Grout Cleaning

Grease and filth love to gather on tiles and grout. Triple C will get rid of all that filth and apply tile and grout protector so that they won't become soiled again.


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Carpet Cleaning

Who doesn’t love their carpets? It's cosy, inviting, and comfortable. Not so much, though, when it is filthy. Your carpet will once again be cozy and welcoming, thanks to Triple C. We’ll ensure we will use the right tools and techniques to for your carpet to receive the maximum results.


Upholstery Cleaning

Those worn-out sofa, dining room chairs, and ottomon all deserve to be given new leases on life. Your furniture will look immaculate once Triple C updates the upholstery. Triple C knows how to remove stains, neutralize odors, and extract dirt that builds up over time. It not only leaves sofa to be cleaned; it also improves indoor air quality in your home or building.

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What Our Customers Say About Us

“Triple C Cleaning Services has been cleaning my upholstery for over 6 years now. They’re reliable and thorough, and I always love how they clean my couches! I wouldn’t use anyone else.”

Scott McCool


“When I called Triple C for a quote on some curb alert couches I had seen, they not only had the perfect pricing but also could fit me in the next day. The couches were a little “shlumpy,” but after Tim finished cleaning them, they appeared to be brand-new. Tim, thanks for a job well done! Anyone wishing to hire Triple C for deep cleaning has my highest recommendation.”

Jazmin Flores


“Tim at Triple C is the best there is when it comes to cleaning carpet, upholstery, and tiles. He continues to wow everyone, and I have used him numerous times and recommended him to all of my friends. No one in Havasu, and in my opinion, no one in the industry, is better! Five stars is far from sufficient.”

Dominic Taylor

Mike Hopkins

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